My_changes and addons

In ver 3 some addons are using overrides in a hooks folder. For example: skins\basic\customer\addons\product_configurator\hooks\products\view_main_info.override.tpl

I want to modify the view_main_info template that the store uses. I create skins\basic\customer\addons\my_changes\hooks\products\view_main_info.override.tpl

My_changes prevents the addon’s override from functioning.

How do I get both? I can’t do a pre, nor a post for the product hook.

I could edit the addon’s override - but that is bad practice for updates.

I could put a modified version of the addon’s hook into my_changes - but I don’t know if this is allowed and if it is I don’t know how to do this.

I’m keeping v3 to the absolute minimum amount of modified files so I can install updates without problems. (I only had 7 files with mods when upgrading to v3.0.2).

Any help would be appreciated.

You can't get both. The overrides are processed based on the “priority” of the addon (see the approprate addon.xml file in the addon's directory). Addons with equal priority are run in alphabetized order. Addon controllers (and other hooks) are run in priority order.

Depending on what you want to do, you might want to just use either a pre or post hook. These are not “overridden”, they are accumulated.