My_Changes Add On - Correct Path For Controllers/backend Php File Changes

Hi ,

I would like to change labels , hide some tabs(tabs like Terms&Conditions for Vendor or URL for Product Add etc.) on Product Add or Vendor Manage pages.

I was able to find where it comes from , for vendor page it is companies.php under controllers/backend directory hwoever when I duplicate the file under /app/addons/my_changes/controllers/backend/companies.php it returns Service Unavailable for that page.

When I tried , it doesn't return any error even , page doesn't load at all.

What is the correct path here ?

Any help will be much appreciated!

There is no way to completely override controller. To extend it, please use


After the controller is added, do not forget to clear cache

Thank you for the answer!

So when we extend it how can I change the labeling or hiding something? Any sample code for this ?

For instance;changing lable of this or hiding it below tab, what should be done as extension? :

  $tabs['addons'] = array(
        'title' => __('addons'),
        'js' => true

E.g. you can use the following code in the post controller

$tabs = Registry::get('navigation.tabs');
Registry::set('navigation.tabs', $tabs);

But please note that most possibly it will not remove tab template. It just will be hidden