Mv Plus Split Check Out Versus Stripes Split Check Out


Can anyone explain , what is the value of the MV split check out versus stripes split check out ?

I understand that it is that 'customer can pay for products from different vendors separately and all the money will go to vendor accounts.'
ok, but what is the difference with stripes split payment then?

stripe splits payment :
"Stripe Connect allows individuals to turn their business into a Platform. Platforms can then register “mini-businesses” as part of their payments ecosystem and control payment interactions between these mini-businesses and their customers."


The Stripe Connect Payments add-on allows store owners to avoid manual distribution of funds among vendors. Instead, a single payment made by a customer is automatically shared between vendors and the store owner."

I see that the 'cs-cart splits payment' allow paying separately to each vendor at check out, but It means if a customer wants to buy different products from different vendors, buyers would have to check out and pay separately multiple time? I am not sure it is attractive to buyers, or if I am missing the point please let me know.

Because then that would mean that the cs cart multivendor with stripes connect would allow splits payment anyway. (Without the customers needing to pay multiple time for each products/vendors )

In that case i am not sure how the cs cart split payment is useful

thanks for guiding me through it

buyers would have to check out and pay separately multiple time?

Yes, this is the main difference. With Stripe vendors connects to main Stripe account and all payouts are made automatically. With the "Direct Customer-to-Vendor Payments" module each vendor can specify own payment methods.

I know the difference, But how is this valuable ? Stripes is doing it better than the 'direct customer to vendor payment 'module.

Understand they can choose their own payment, but it still is not so valuable .

If the split payment was like 'etsy' that would be valuable.

it sounds like ' an abandon cart ' magnet

As a buyer , i would be immediately put off

very misleading.