Mv - Include Vendor Store Page In Google Sitemap Instead Of Companies.view Page

The companies.view page is not accessible at all when vendor stores are enabled. However google sitemap plugin submits them to google instead of vendor store URLs. It shouldn't happen.



$link = 'companies.view?company_id=' . $value;


$link = 'companies.products?company_id=' . $value;

Btw. is it possible to transform the url in the Sitemap so that already adheres to the SEO rules in the Google index, not only after the users clicks it (usually it redirects to simply: /vendor-name location).


Haven't noticed that it actually transforms these urls with fn_url function, so that the ones in the sitemap end up being in /vendor-name form. Perfect, thans!

You are welcome :)

I need to keep in mind this solution, thanks again eComLabs!

You are welcome! :)