Mv 4.2.4 - New Vendors Cannot Login/change Password

I know this issue has been resolved in 4.3.1 but the number of new bugs and problems is keeping me from updating to that version.

When a new vendor has been approved on my site, they receive an email address with a temp password. When they attempt to login, they are given an error code saying access denied to changing their password and can therefore not login to their new account (bad for business).

I found the instructions from CS-Cart to fix it here -

However, when I follow the instructions my site does not load at all. Blank white page in any browser I try.

Can someone help or tell me what I’m missing?

Thanks in advance.

Their fix should work. Please make sure that the amount of { and } symbols is equal after the changes are applied. If you are interested in our service, please provide us with the temporary FTP access so that we can check it

Thanks for your response. I will check that. Also, hopeful for a strong release of 4.3.2 within the next week or so.

Thanks again.

For anyone else following the instructions link from my previous post, there does need to be one more ' } ' at the end.

Thanks @eComLabs for the head's up!

You are welcome!