Mutli Vendor payment methods

I have just been playing around with multi vendor and unless im being a total space cadet, it appears that the shop / site owner collects all the cash and then pays out the vendor, is that correct ?

I would have thought that each vendor would have recieved the money directly for their products rather than me ( the site owner being able to bank their cash until an agreed date or balance amount)

In the UK if I collect the cash say for a vendor who let says sells tyres and then the tyre has a blow out and the customer then has a claim against me and not the vendor.

Is there no way to allow vendors to collect there own cash from checkout and then for me as the store owner to bill them ?

I’m struggling to think of why a company would allow someone else to collect their cash and hope they get paid.

Hopefully I am wrong and vendors do collect the cash from there sales directly and then I bill them the balance. the section on vendor payouts doesn’t give me much faith though :(