Must I install in the root directory for live store


I am testing the community version of CS Cart is a subdirectory while my live store (not CS Cart) runs in the root directory.

I am thinking of buying CS Cart professional and it will take a few weeks for me to get it ready to make live, again in a sudirectory.

Will I have to move it to the root directory to make it work as my new live store or can I point to the subdirectory version. (I would like to keep my old store ready to turn back on again in the first few weeks just in case I have a problem that needs some time to fix.)

Are there any suggestions on the best way/location to install.



You can run it in a subdir but that will show. Why not just switch them?

I was able to move CScart to the root directory and rename the existing index.php file from my old cart. All has been working well for a week now so I am confident I won't have to move back so will move my old cart into another location and hopefully will never need it again.