Multistore: Photo print albums + paid courses + store cameras

I wanna create online store for different types of products.

The first one is photo-cameras store. It is simple, because cs-cart is more than enough for such type of task.

Second type: paid courses (for photographers). It is simple too i think.

But the last is the most difficult (for me actually): photo albums printing store. idea is: 1. I create photoalbum 2. Upload photos in photoalbum (multiupload is very necessary). 3. Client browses that photoalbum, selects photos that he likes. Then he clicks on some “Print photos” button, selects “print size” and then all photos go somehow (i can implement it) into printing laboratory.

Tell me please what is the best way to implement all that logic with CS-Cart? Or its better to take a more specialized solution for such task?