Multiple Stores

[font=“Arial”][color=“#4169E1”]Particularly, these are my needs…[/color]

01- Main master CS-CART store on the main domain (

02- There will be multiple stores. (Each one will be a CS-Cart store with all the options and each one will have its own back-end)

03- Also they may be accessed through an specific domain even though they will operate on the

04- Every store will be able to handle its own inventory, create, show and hide products, manage prices, and so on.

(They will operate as a standard CS-Cart Professional behavior)

05- They will handle all the shipping details

06- They must have their own payment systems (PayPal, 2CheckOut, GoogleCheckOut, etc)

07- The (the one that covers them all) must has its standard categories and sub-categories

Where, for instance, a category can be SERVICES, and it could have a sub-category like Technicians.

08- When the user selects “Technicians” the system should show all the technicians registered as stores

and if, for example, they select an specific Technician, it should take the user to the store of that


09- As in order to buy something, that user must register before, so all those details must be recorded in that

particular store, and in the main CS-CART store. I mean, the matrix store. I want to say, my main website.

10- What for is going to be used these customer details? It 's going to be used for that same customer. If he

needs to come back later and buy another product of another store, that user will be already registered and

in that way the system will not be asking him again to register again.

11- I don;t know how you will handle the case of the Invoices. Here we have two options…

A) The customer buy from one single store and receive the invoice with that same store with its logo

and the main CS-CART store receives a copy of that invoice on its Admin Control Panel

B) The customer can select products from different stores and at the moment of the checkout, whose logo

or what company is going to represent and handle that sale. If the customer buys 5 products, each

one from a different store, to which PayPal account (for example) is going to be deposited that money?

12- Just one observation, it 's going to be a little difficult for the customer to have an invoice from different providers indicated in that invoice. For the customer it will be more pleasant if there is just one company that be responsible for the hand out of the products that he is buying.

13- Every time that each store updates its catalog of products, the main CS-CART store will reflect those changes too.

What do I mean with this? I mean that the main CS-CART store catalog is the sum of products of all the catalog of its stores. This is specially important because the main CS-CART store is the one that the user (customer) will see first, and it’s there that he will perform the searching of products. As soon as he select a product, that will take him to the store owner of that product. I understand that there will be stores that have the same product, but there is no problem with this because they will have different SKU, and perhaps, different prices.

14- The main CS-CART store will have a global manage of all the stores. It will be able to see all the sales, invoices, transactions and customer globally.

15- Finally and not less important, the main CS-CART store, as owner, will be able to make a very little percentage of each sale. I mean, every store will have its own payment process, and different email accounts, but the main CS-CART store will have to receive some benefits on each sale made.[/font]

Speak to Alt Team they are developing a multistore addon


Are u looking single database or multiple database cart?