Multiple Storefronts Installed Under One Domain - Shared Checkout Possible?

I have had a search for information regarding my question, however I cant find any information on this.

We have been running a store on a domain for a number of years, we are branching out into a brand new product line, so we bought an additional licence and installed this in a directory

My question is, can we share carts/checkouts between sites? So if a customer changes from one site to another, the cart will keep the contents and the checkout will be able to checkout items form both stores?

Anyone know if there are technical limitations to this or can it be done somehow?

Dont think so Quarba (are you with digital Sean btw)

And tbh what is the need for this, wouldnt you be better seo wise and continuity just adding the new product line under the same store, google will see as extra info and richer content etc (if done correctly)

we did something similar a few years ago and was worried that it may dilute our seo, but having looked into it we realised it was better to add to our existing, under a new category etc.


if "branding" is your concern, you can always use special layouts/styles for specific categories and products.

Can we cross sell across multiple store fronts?

Basically what we're doing is adding a new arm to the business. We currently retail phone accessories but are now moving into handsets and associated services as well.

However, we want to keep these two sides of the business separated (to some degree) from each other - colour schemes, layouts, own homepage etc.

But we need the ability to cross sell between stores OR carry a single basket and use a single checkout between the two stores. The latter would be the better option.

How the products which do not present on the current store-front should be presented?

Can we cross sell across multiple store fronts?

Short answer is no since each storefront is a separate site from a functional perspective and the 'carts' are separate. That's why it was recommended that you use categories instead with a possible styling difference to separate their content from the other parts of your store.

Note that you can have separate storefronts and have products that are shared across them. But again, if you want a different look feel to the storefronts, you would use category/product page styling to differentiate them in each storefront.

Thank you for your help on this. We have worked out how to manipulate the layouts to give us the same results as an additional storefront.

Curious of a description... Did you just change layout/styling for certain categories to enhance the branding?