Multiple RMA notifications

Im trying to personalize my RMA notifications, the problem is that every e-mail uses the same template, and when I try to change the email headers in the RMA statuses, nothing changes.
With this client notification:

{{ snippet("header") }}

{% if order_info.firstname %}
  {{__("hello_name", {"[name]" : order_info.firstname})}}<br /><br />
{% else %}
  {{ __("hello") }},<br /><br />
{% endif %}

{{ return_status.email_header }}<br /><br />

<b>{{ __("packing_slip") }}:</b><br />

{{ include_doc("rma_packing_slip.default", return_info.return_id) }}
{{ snippet("footer") }}

I get this in all of the RMA notifications with default options:


RMA Slip:

I dont mind doing individual emails if I knew how to set up individual templates for each status, but all of them share the same template. Any one could help me?