Multiple Products Checkbox Add All Selected To Cart


add to cart multiple products checkbox (Add all selected to cart)

help !!!

How to do?

code request


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This was in cs-cart version 1 and 2. For some reason when they went to version 3 & 4 they took it out. This should be standard functionality in a modern shopping cart. Hopefully in a future version they will bring it back. In the meantime you can try and use the Buy Together feature, but this is not really the same functionality. Or you can modify the cart functionality with a paid addon.

Bad on cs-cart for taking this feature out :(

Dear Istanbul,

If it was an easy code, we would share it here.

But this feature takes several hours to implement it.

So only a paid modification will help at the moment.

We are ready to develop this feature. Contact us.

Best regards, Alt-team.