multiple orders in admin

I am wondering if anyone can assist me here - recently I started getting multiple orders in the cart admin orders page - for example 2 order numbers for the same items, time of purchase and totals etc.

Does not happen every order but seems to be recently.

13.4 sp2

PayPal standard as the payment processor

no ssl for this site - since security handled by PayPal

what else - about 2 months ago, switched hosts for this shop - site works perfect - cant say for sure if started after switch - just trying to post as much info as possible.

oh yes - Store shows both CDN (default currency) and USD price with a small exchange rate - however paypal part is set to CDN dollars and 1 time when I did a test order I got an error message inside PayPal something along the lines that the exchange rate was recently changed - I am not saying this is always the case with US purcashes - but something there perhaps?

any thoughts?