Multiple languages website, just 1 seo link or multiple discussion

Hello Cs-Cart fans,

I want to start a discussion about what is the most important option to display languages in the seo links?

Option 1. Use single URL for all languages

Option 2. Show language in the URL (

Option 3. Use for each langauge other seo URL

Option 2 can be relevant for the search engines to recognize where to display a specified language (FR) in France, (DE) in Germany. But the disadvantage is that customers with a language which is not supported can't find your links not good.

Option 3 have a bigger wide range because you have many seo urls in different languages, but a search engine can translate it by itself and maybe detect it as duplicate content.

In case of Option 1 you can write just 1 language in the SEO and you have just 1 SEO output for all your links. It make the website a bit stronger in my opinion, no duplicate content, more visitors for 1 link.

What do you think about SEO and multiple languages? Please get into this discussion if you want to share your opinion…