Multiple images in category

Hi all,

I'd like to have more than one image for a category.

Let me explain in more detail:

The fact is that we are setting up a store for mouthpieces. For the moment, the customer has a website without any e-commerce feature. Now we are developing it based in Cs-cart.

In this type of products the articles differ very slightly (their differences are explained through features). You can see how they are structured here: http://www.romerabra…uthpieces/horn/. Moreover, such articles are produced each time they are ordered, and there is no individual image of each of them. And, in fact, it would make no sense as the differences in the articles may not be visible (they are things like surface finishing, interior shape, and so on).

But, each category needs to have more than one image, as it allows the owner of the shop to show details, drawings, and different views of that type of mouthpiece (again, check the above url to make an idea).

We are planning to use a screen in cs-cart like that: http://romerabrass.w…sic/trompa.html (text is in spanish, it still is under development). Our idea is to have the same possibilites of image management that we have in the article level: main image, additional image, thumbnails, lightbox, … (I attach a screenshot of the desired layout).

I've been searching through forums and commercial addons but nothing seems to fit my need. Any idea? Has anybody been in the same situation?

Thanks in advance,

Marc Olivé i Valls