Multiple Function

Hi, Perhaps someone may be able to point me in the right direction…

I have several customers across Ireland - I wish to produce for each the following:

  1. their own functioning cs-cart site with the ability to have differing products for each agent
  2. their own front end design / skin pertinent to their own existing business.

    In essence this is an affiliate scheme - but each has to have control over products and orders (does not have to have payments to them directly - this could be done manually via myself…).

    Would anyone know what the way forward may be?

    I am currently using cs-cart professional.

    Many thanks,


Multi Vendor? Not sure if it does custom skins for each retailer though…

Assuming you would have investigated multi vendor version and if met your needs you wouldn't be posting here…

That being said, if you are going to have separate domains for each, then you will need a separate cs-cart license for each and each domain would have an independent version of cs-cart running. They would share nothing.

If you are planning to “broker” these sites by giving them their own domain name, letting them choose their skin and letting them manage their products but you will be providing the payment “brokering” for them, then you will have difficulty doing this in a secure manner and (depending on your location) most payment providers frown heavily on “sharing” of merchant accounts.

You would have to modify the mult-vendor version to utilize different customer skins for the different vendors. It would not be very effecient since you'd either need to cache all the different skins or you would need to cache none.

The product is not really designed to be shared in that manner.