Multiple Discount Coupons Not Working...?

Hi -

I have a problem with CS 2.1.4.Pro

I would like customers to be able to use 2 different discount coupons at checkout (one if they spend over a certain value and the other if they have ordered a particular product).

In settings: 'Allow customers to use single discount coupon only' is NOT ticked.

In the individual promotion settings: 'Stop other rules' is NOT ticked.

...and yet when I do a test purchase and try to use the 2 codes I get the message:

Only one discount coupon is allowed per order
I've read somewhere that there could be a problem with the code in the file: fn.promotions.php however it didn't say what the correct code should be.
Any help would be gratefully received

Hi , i'm not confirm about CS 2.1.4.Pro . but you can verify this.

Goto Admin Panel -> Settings -> General -> untick (Allow customers to use single discount coupon only:) under promotions.

Hi Vivek - thanks for your reply, but that was one of the things I mentioned in my post - I have un-ticked this option in settings, but it doesn't seem to make any difference.

Ooops . i'm miss that , sorry

i don't know to work promotions for CS 2.1.4.Pro . i will check & back.