Multiple Currency and SagePay


My CS-Cart (version 2.2.1) is setup to work with 3 currencies:

USD (Default)



Payment method uses 'SagePay Form' which works fine with USD, however when you configure the payment option it asks for the Currency, so my first question is:

Do I need to setup 3 payment options, one for each currency? This also begs the question, why cant it only show the payment option based on the currency you are viewing in CS-Cart…

More importantly however there seems to be a bug where if I change the currency on my site from USD to say, GBP (£) then, all the prices show correct on the website and checkout.

However when I get redirected to SagePay (Form), although it picks up the correct currency, it takes the value as the default price put in the cart (in this case dollars…ie. it doesn't take into account the Currency exchange!

eg. item cost: 100 USD

change currency to GBP (rate 1.6)

Price shows as 62.50 GBP (in cs-cart)

Redirects to SagePay, and it picks up: 100 GBP

Is this a bug? or am I missing something here?


I am currently evaluating which cart to use.

I've been looking to see whether CS-Cart supported GBP and Euros, my questions were not answered sufficiently on the site, so I came to the forum.

I have noticed that you posted this query three months ago and had no reply.

I run a couple of forums and take great pride in making sure that serious questions are answered with in a couple of days at the latest. This, I would say, is a very serious problem, I'm not encouraged by the lack of response. My question is now answered. It seems these currencies are not supported properly, and no one really cares.

I wonder how long it takes for my post to be answered, or deleted.