Multiple Check Boxes For Variations


I am trying to create product feature for variation that display with
Multiple check boxes.

- variation a $5
- variation b $10
- variation c $15

That used to be possible with the product options, but i can not figure it out with the feature variations system.

Any link with info/topic on it would be appreciated

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Product options allowed multiple checkboxes, because they weren't tied to certain products.

However, product variations are separate products, and there's no way available to create selector of variations as multiple checkboxes, because in such case customer would add multiple products to the cart.

The closest match, I think, would be to create a feature with style "Images" so that customer will be able to click on one of the images to select a variation, instead of going through a drop-down list.

You can read more about variations here:

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Thank you Robert


You are welcome :)

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