Multiple Categories per product question

I’m working on a site that has about 200,000 different items. What I’d like to know is there an easy way of assigning multiple categories per product, without having to do so line by line and then running a product import?

Maybe there’s a setting I don’t know about, but it just seems like it should be possible :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance


you can either import the csv file with just the product code and the secondary category column with as many caegorys as you like seperatedby ///

or within Admin/catalog/products/ search for how many products you wish to alter then select the chack boxes at the right. Then click drop down arrow at bottom of list and choose edit selected, then the pop up shows all options that can be edited, just select secondary categories and add as many as you like.


The process pretty much sucks.

johnbol1 listed the only options I am aware of. I think I ended up using the import method. I would have liked to use method #2, but it is problematic because when you apply the category to all the products it removes any existing subcategories.

I think there is a fix floating around the forum somewhere that will instead add the subcategory rather than replacing it when you apply the values to the selected products. Let me see if I can find it… Here it is… [url][/url] I haven’t had a chance to try it yet.

hmm…is there any major downside is just appending my product codes so that I don’t have to deal with trying to assign 20 subcategories per item?

Obviously it’s going to greatly increase the size of the database, but beyond that can anyone see in potential operating downsides?

Thanks Ogia, I didnt realise that the options overwritten ones already in.


I have tried this fix earlier mentioned, it doesn’t fix my problem. ok here it comes, i have a csv file with thousands of products, but the point is that for example the 1 product in the list can also appear on row 100, 200 and 1400, when i upload the csv it adds all categories that are listed but the product just appears in the last listed category. I have many thousand products in my listing so i cant go through them manually.

example: same product appears on three rows

row 1: category///category2///category3

row 200: category///category2///different category

row 3000: category///category100///category

ok all the categories adds but the product adds just to category:“category”

Thank you in advance!