Multible Questions

Hi @ all,

I just installed this software (trial) because I'm looking for a ecommerz solution that fits to our needs and of course I have some questions.


I need to add two more fields that are visible as a menu like categories as a drop down list or an accordion style menu.

Field one - Manufacturer (we have more than 400 and I like to import them from a csv-file)

Field two - Scale (around 10 scales are available)

Field three - Categories (around 20, already done, works fine)

How can I add Manufacturer and Scale as a menu items like the categories?


Restrict search

The menu I have in vision features Categories, Manufactures and Scale.

Short example (we deal with Model railroad items):

one of our vendor has listed over 120.000 items from over 400 manufacturers in different scales. each item has there own product number. In order to make customers find the item what they looking for in a fast way is to narrow the search in three steps.

Step one:

Choose the Scale - will narrow the items available to around 20.000

Step two:

Choose Manufacturer - will narrow the available items to around 1.000

Step three:

Choose Categorie - will narrow the search to maybe 100

It should not matter in what order the customer restrict this search.

So how can I get this to work with the software?


In the search field I should be able to look up directly for the product code or to search the item description (what I assume will work out of the box when I add the items or do I have to import this information also in a specific field)?!


Another Problem is that price, availability, discounts etc. are changing on a weekly basis so I need to be able to import a csv-file to make changes really easy to maintain. One Problem that I encountered is that the import of the csv-file is restricted to 8MB, my file has at this time 12MB.


We have around 80.000 product pictures that are named to the product order number. The easiest way would be upload it all to one directory. Is it possible to tell the software to look for the right picture in this specific folder and use the product code as picture name (jpg & gif)?


I know that are a lot of questions but it makes no sense to mess around with a software (spend hours of time) or buy it before I do not know if this is even possible.

It would be nice if someone can help me out here.

Thanks in advanche


look for a filter

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