Multi-Vendorv4.15.2, files to sell are dowloadable by users directly

I tried to add digital products, more precisely files to sell on Multi-Vendorv4.15.2, those files are visible to end user that are not registered and they can download them. I use PHP Version 8.0.27.

I chose " After full payment" and still the same.

Could you please check.
What should be the noemal behaviour?
Will the file visible on website and can not be downloaded or will not be visible at all for
mode After full payment

Here I don t find it mentioned

Where the problem occurred: Write here the product (Store Builder or Multi-Vendor) and its version. The version can be found in the admin panel by adding the ?version parameter to the end of the address (for example, If the problem is on our online demos, then a link is enough for us.

Details of the problem: Write what the problem is. A screenshot will help a lot (if you can see the problem). It is desirable that the entire browser window be in the picture, and not just a specific part of the page.

How to reproduce the problem: Describe the sequence of actions and circumstances that lead to the problem. Any additional information can help: your browser, operating system (important for Android and iOS mobile devices), PHP version on your server, etc.

In order to confirm and fix the issue, we first need to replicate it on our store or demo (without any 3rd party add-ons and themes). If this fails, we will ask you to contact us via Help Desk for further investigation.

Please make sure that you do not mix attachments with files to sell

Attachments don t have “Activation mode” so are files to sell not attachments

If the “After full payment” is selected, the files should not be available for download until order is placed (even the user is registered). So there is something wrong with your MV installation

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