Multi-Vendor Sms Notification Add-On Made By Alt-Team.

Dear Friends,

New CS-Cart add-on "Multi-Vendor SMS notification" is already available on our website.

Price is $59

The add-on sends SMS notifications when the order status changes. The add-on is integrated with
Semaphore SMS service provider.


  • * SMS notifications can be sent to the root administrator, vendors, and customers;
  • * the administrator can choose whether they want to get SMS notifications or not;
  • * the administrator can disallow all SMS notifications to vendors or customers with the help of add-on settings;
  • * the vendor can allow or disallow SMS notifications to themselves and customers;
  • * once an order with a product gets a status (open, processed, canceled, etc. set by a root administrator), the vendor gets an SMS with an order_id and custom text written by an online store root administrator;
  • * root administrator chooses at what order status an SMS gets sent to a vendor;
  • * SMS service provider details are specified by a root administrator;
  • * the correct order_id parameter is selected automatically.

Instant notifications about the order status make it easy and fast to deal with customers and run the orders.

By your request, we can integrate this add-on with any other SMS service provider,

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Dear Friends,

We have updated the add-on Multi-Vendor Sms Notification.

Now it's compatible with CS-Cart 4.10.

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