Multi-Vendor: June 2020 Video Report

Hello! This video is a brief summary of how Multi-Vendor has improved in June 2020. Although this video focuses on Multi-Vendor, there are some things that may also interest CS-Cart users: attachments as links (8:09), interface improvements (11:52, 12:26), solution to problem with Google Chrome 83 (13:50).

CS Cart Multi-Vendor: What Changed in June 2020 - YouTube

What we’ve done in June 2020
0:44 — own settings for storefronts in Multi-Vendor Ultimate
2:18 — a setting for collecting taxes from vendors (due to U.S. marketplace facilitator laws)
3:08 — a way for vendors to access their admin panels easily
3:49 — notifications about debt for vendors and admins
5:21 — improvements to common product management
6:08 — simplified vendor approval flow
8:09 — storing product attachments as links
10:15 — Apple Pay and Google Pay compatibility with direct payments and common products
11:03 — other improvements
13:16 — bug fixes
13:50 — solution to problem with progress bar Google Chrome (it’s older than June, but still needs to be announced)

Future plans
14:40 — easier import for vendors
16:26 — other plans
17:16 — approximate release time for 4.12.1

Promised links
Solution to problem with progress bar in Google Chrome 83

Best places for functionality suggestions:
- If you own CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor
- If you haven’t bought CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor (or don’t have Help Desk account)

I am missing cs-cart updates? Only MV is updated..

I am missing cs-cart updates? Only MV is updated..

CS-Cart is still being updated. It's just that the video reports are designed for Multi-Vendor specifically. Such videos take a long time to produce, and they would be too long and cluttered if they included everything we're doing. That's why we've chosen to focus the videos on Multi-Vendor.

This approach allows us to keep the videos concise, while also covering improvements that benefit both Multi-Vendor and CS-Cart. Like storing attachments as links, or interface improvements.

i didnt see mobile app feature variants. :neutral: i am worry abouit it wont release with. 4.12, before videos was said planned. but i didnt see in this video.

common products still unstable, un usable, you have vendor tiers addon its must be work together for default vendor product,

we test some products with common product no one bought with this way. after we changed this normal product, its began sale. that important but you are skip this.

product blocks, promotions, reviews, data feeds, common product problem at everywhere must be fix all