Multi-Vendor - Hiding Sections In Admin

Is there a way to hide certain sections of the Vendor Admin similar to how you can show/hide section with Usergroup privileges? If not, which files or database table should I start looking into hide them manually?

When a vendor logs in to their Admin panel, it hides and disables most important sections, but there's still so many they shouldn't be able to see or edit.

For example, "Files", "Shipping & Taxes", "Product" Features", etc...are all accessible, but not editable. What's the point of letting them have access to those?

Also, I really would rather not my "thousands" of vendors be able to create "Website -> Pages" at the root of the main site. It should put them in a sub directory of their own vendor site ( instead of

You can extend permissions schema located in the following file to hide certain sections


Thanks so much, eCom! I'll take a look at that file and see what I can do.

Much appreciated.