Multi-vendor edition how-to manual for vendors

Hi, we have about 30 vendors on our site and having the hardest time to get them to figure out how to go in the back-end and change the order status to complete once it is done.

I was wondering if someone came up with some video tutorial or how-to manual for the vendors so they understand the process and how to get it done.

Right now I have to ask them if it’s done then go in the back-end and change the status which is a huge waste of time and the only reason I wanted the multi-vendor edition.

Have you come up with a good solution? We’re starting slow which is good so I can train them slowly. I did a few fake orders so they know what they receive by emails and how to do it but if they don’t get a sale in a week they forget everything. I’m pretty sure I will have to develop a step by step tutorial that they can get back at when getting an order.

Thanks in advance,


use . I am sure it will take your some time and effort but you can make easy video tutorial for your users