Multi-vendor booking system

Hi all, i have in mind renting services for vendors (date oriented) ,and im looking for solution which supports ecommerce and booking all in one for multi vendoring purpose

The point is showing up service and offer to clients and acting like dropship between owners (vendors) and clients. User account for owners is must have, booking system is also must have … as the customer oriented side. Vendor account in backend for registering and filling out their offerings (for example adds ) , customer side in front end for shopping :) This bussines model must be fully service oriented and must be fully automated.

Do you support this point of sale, is there simillar business model or example supported already on youre behalf in cs.cart ?

Hello btboki,

unfortunately, there isn't any built-in booking system in Multi-Vendor. You can send a detailed description of the required booking functionality to so that we can pre-estimate its development for you.