Multi-vendor beta SEO not working

Hi there I am a new user of this shopping cart and I’m trying to test setup my e-com store (just playing with settings and such).

Everything looks pretty good except I can’t get SEO to work.

I went on this page: [url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.16.x documentation

And made sure everything is good, .htaccess, permissions, the add-on is enabled, and the closed store test works, but all the links still have URLs that look like this:


(I have my own local server)

Is this just a bug in the 2.1.2 Beta or am I doing something wrong? Do I need to rebuild some index or something tricky?

thanks for the help in advance:D

SEO is working for me here with MV however the company names/pages are not using SEO which I reported to the bug tracker - Sno

Just trying to help with the bug process. I’ll wait till the next beta or full release before to see if it works then.