Multi Vendor 3.0.3 email customer Question

Hey guys,

Let me preface this by saying I have been looking through all the postings and searching for this answer for more than a few days before finally coming here to bug you guys.

We have been experimenting with 3.03 multi-vendor the 15 day version a couple of times and now the downloadable trial and there is one thing we cannot figure out… is there a secondary flag that needs to be set somewhere for customers to receive new purchase information from new vendors set up in the CS-Cart 3.03 system.

I understand that in Admin under Order=>Order Statuses=> Open…,. the notify customer is by default is checked to notify(email).

The Open status has been left to notify customer… but we consistently find that no email is sent to a new customer purchase from “New” vendors set up in the system.

I am under the assumption that setting the flag in Order Statuses is a global setting and should work the same for all the vendors… not just the dummy ones set up by CS-Cart (ACME and H&H)… am I incorrect? Maybe I am blind and cannot find the setting.

Please note the pics included… Thanks



i also with same problem. client will be confused if they got ““commen order”” email's from vendor each.

that's why i thinking also combine order for ““commen order”” from vendor and then send "“order notification” by DEFAULT COMPANY NAME AND EMAIL.

the email must have two things. vendor contact email — make as only use when they log in to cpanel.

vendor's contact information must be default email

also need to vendor's contact information to other filed. so client will get email only from

i have also this addon -----as 100 us$