Multi User Account

Anyone developed Multi User Account Addon or delegated access to Turn a single customer account into one with multiple sub-user accounts and grant advanced permissions to each user.

I am pretty sure that you have to explain it more. :)

This addon turns a standard customer account into one with multiple users with different level of access permissions. Account owner can choose from five different permission levels to give users access according to their role in the business as well as the ability to send cart for approval before being able to complete a purchase. The account owner can also allow sub-users to create orders, track sales, access cart or checkout page, and modify profile information, depending on defined roles.

Hello! We can develop that modification as an add-on. Please contact us to, if you need it.


We are also ready to develop such addon for you. Please contact us if you are interested in it.


Did anyone ever get this addon done?

If so, could you describe briefly how it works? I am interested in this development.

I am working on a store that sells office supplies to companies, and some of this companies require that more than one user (email, password) can have access to the store, buy, receive order confirmation, ...

Any comment would be appreciated.