Multi-Storefront And Ssl

Anyone ever get to a final on a reasonable way to configure multiple storefronts that each use SSL in a cPanel environment? I remember a custom method about having as actual separate cpanel accounts but sharing the same document root but never did one and would be concerned about permission problems/confusion with Apache when two separate accounts would share the same document root.

Trying to avoid client having to purchase a very expensive multi-domain certificate. Obvioudly if it were just a sub-domain then a wildcard certificate would do.

What have you all done in your multi-store configurations?

I would also like to know this. Everything about this is extremely vague, and I believe cs-cart should step in and explain how they see this.

I'm a little confused about this question. Multi-storefronts on multiple domains will require a multi-domain license. What other configuration / setup do you aim for?

Well, there was a method posted long ago about having a separate cpanel account for the secondary storefront but having it point to the same document root. There were tweeks to the addin virgualhosts configuration that allowed you to load the ssl in the other cpanel account but associate it with the current document root.

Multi domain licenses are prohibitively expensive versus either a wildcard or separate SSL's.

I'd really like cs-cart to chime in since the knowledge base doesn't really address the ssl side of the issue.

There may be a difference in how cpanel might handle it based on wiether you used a parked domain or an additional domain…

[quote]What other configuration / setup do you aim for?[/quote]

Multiple SSL's. I.e. one for each storefront.

Certum offers multidomain SSL for €83 per year. It will get cheaper over time as well.

Going up from $26 per year here: https://www.namechea…lti-domain.aspx

Well, the prices has certainly come down in the past year. Before is was about $600 for a multi-site. $83 is much more useful and includes 3 domains from Comodo.

Mute point now I guess. Thanks for the head's up.

We tried… But with EV SSL multi domain is out… So we just created the second storefront off the primary domain…

Works great that way, for us anyway… Products kinda related…

For those interested in this topic. You could use a SAN SSL that allows you to implement an premium SSL for a multi store setup. We are going back to a multi store front setup after first splitting up a store due to problems with our previous VPS setup.

We now go for Trustwave. Unfortunately yes an EV SSL for a multi domain is still off limits.

Doesn't cpanel now support sni? sni would work for all browsers except ie6 , ie8 on xp, java 6 , Android 2

[quote name='kogi' timestamp='1437985349' post='224434']

Doesn't cpanel now support sni? sni would work for all browsers except ie6 , ie8 on xp, java 6 , Android 2


No not yet. Your OS might but not cpanel. You will need a workaround to work with SNI and of course your in case of the OS. It must be as 64 bit OS.

I got a UCC SSL cert from comodo and it worked well for the two storefronts I am using and was not too expensive like a wildcard SSL is. It will work with up to 3 domain names.

At first, I just installed it onto my main domain and it appeared secure on the second storefront, but would not load the pages of the cart or checkout. So I also installed it onto the add-on domain and then it all works fine.