Multi Store Setup, Same Vps, Different Ip And Separate Ssl

The title of my post sums it up.

Hi I hope there is still someone active on this forum during these holidays.

I have multi store setup on one vps, separate domains but currently sharing the same ip.

That needs to change because I need to install a separate ssl for the second store front.

Each store front belongs to separate legal identities, one store front is mine, the other belongs to some business associates of ours. We share inventory and the server but that is about it.

We have an ssl in place and they need an ssl. Currently both store fronts with separate domains share the same ip. Could it work if were to point one store to another ip ? How is this issue best solved when we each want to keep our store front.

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Dear members of this community,

Based on the knowledge base I see now that what I thought was plausible is not. You cannot have a second store front with the addon domain on a different IP than the primary domain.

Please forget I asked.

I close this thread.

So what was your solution here then with SSLs or did you have to do a separate install?

By the looks of it a wildcard SSL works out more expensive also so overall there is no cost saving by having storefronts under one install is there?

SSL is not tied to an IP. It is tied (from a merchant's perspective) to a cPanel account (No idea in Plesk).

There are ways to manipulate cpanel to use the same DOCUMENT_ROOT for two separate accounts and hence can then have separate SSL certificates. There are some old articles from V3 days on how to do this somewhere in the forum. Suggest a Google search for “cs-cart multiple ssl” and start investigating. An SSL for a VirtualHost is defined in the httpd.conf file for a server and you can set it up to use SSL-name1 for host 1 and SSL-name2 for host 2. while having the VirtualHost set to use the same IP address for each domain. If you want separate IP's, you can do that too but you have to have them use the same DOCUMENT_ROOT.

The problem you are going to encounter is that you will have to leave all file/directory permissions at 666/777 respectively since file creation will be by separate user_id's depending on which store is being accessed.

Thanks Tony, I opted for an SAN for now, there are some workarounds up there but they take too much time for me to read and implement at the moment.