Multi Store Q&a On Products And Categories

I am a bit puzzled and trying to get my around the basics of a multi store setup with my one CS-Cart Ultimate 4.1.5 setup.

I am trying to figure out how I can add or share products and respective categories between stores in a multi store setup which are divided on two different domains and

I want to share the products but I do not want to share the same product descriptions. Is that possible and how do I go about this.

Please check

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Please check



Thanks for the link, however after reading more and more also on the topic of SSL certs on multi store installs under cpanel, I doubt now that I made the right choice. Right now I find it harder and harder to see why a multi-store setup would be more beneficial to me than just running two stores with each their own database, domain, ssl cert and cpanel account.

Remember that I am root administrator / owner of a dedicated server which runs CentOS 6 - 64 bit with 16 gigabyte of memory with SolusVM hypervisor and two WHM/Cpanel VPS boxes. So cost wise there is no benefit for me or a loss