multi store control

I run two stores that sell the exact same stuff. Now the problem is that we control over 1100 products and keeping both stores up to date can be a pain in the butt. IS there a program out there that will be a central location to control both sets of inventory? For example, store 1 sells the last product in inventory so store b also goes out of stock on that item.

I provide a back-end order and inventory management system that can do much of what you want. It is a subscription service and includes the cart licensing. Each site is considered a separate company but companies have the ability to share inventory on the back end and to publish inventory daily.

The catalog that is published to the store can be adjusted on the fly. For instance, maybe you want prices to be 0.5% higher on store b than store a. Or you want to have your products be in different categories on the different stores.

You can get more infomation on the general system at:

You can get specific infomration on the back-end order management system at:

Note that for 2 stores, it is 2 subscriptions. Pricing is based on how many orders are processed per month with the cost per order going down as the minimum number of orders per month increases.

Please PM me or send me email at (remove X’s) to discuss details.

P.S. International aspects are not very well supported in the back-end since this was originally developed for the US market.

After looking at your items we would process way to many orders per month to use this system. We do 300 orders a week and have over 1100 products.

No problem… Remember, that pricing (1200 orders/month) includes everything. Hosting, storefront, back-end, multiple store capability, drop-ship suppliers, etc.