Multi stock - cs-cart can do that?

Hi everyony, cs-cart looks like a great piece of software and I’m almost sure to buy it.

But down to business, I have 2 product sources, so is it possible to have two product quantities each for each vendor? I not thinking about syncin them, just to modify quantity values by hand.


Multi vendor is planned on the road map of Cs-cart version 2.1

Since there is no release date (yet) for 2.1, and we don’t have the $ to pay CSC for a mod at this time, has anyone come up with any other solutions for multi-vendor support outside of CSC?

For example, some of our vendors don’t drop ship and we try to not hold any product in stock. If we sell “Product X” on our site, when the order comes in for that product, we’ll select one of our vendors based on inventory and price for Product X and send the order to them which they in turn ship to us for shipment to our customers. We do this all manually based on catalog lookups on the various vendors web sites. It works, but it can be tedious. It is worth the hassle though as prices from our vendors vary greatly.

What we’d like to do is when a customer orders Product X, we’d like to lookup Product X in (preferably) a PHP web app, see which of our vendors has that product for the best price and send the order email to them. We’d have to load a Mysql db hourly or daily with inventory and prices from each of our vendors.

We’ve looked at a number of PHP Inventory Management apps (i.e. Tracmor), but they are not built for this type of application. If anyone has this same issue and has figured any type of solution other than the manual work we do now, I’d love to hear about it.