Multi Site

Hi Guys,

I am after the following solution, can CS cart ‘possibly’ handle this?

same domain name

one installation / database

shared checkout goods goods

I need to display different categories and products depending on which section your are in. But both share the cart.

Can anyone possibly offer a solution?

If I understand you correctly, this should be very easy.

Turn on the SEO add-on and you can display every category and product as a folder.



If you also want to give the categories another skin, that’s a whole different ballgame that should be possible in an upcoming release which the team is working on (multiple storefront, one database → you could even have more then one domain)

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

An idea on the release date for that feature?

IN your first suggestion, could I:

Setup 2 home pages

1 static if I have to

hide some categories on main stores home page

show the ‘hidden’ categories on the 2nd hme page

Can anyone possibly help?

Hmm… you could maybe make two static pages as a start page… and have links on them to your cs-cart pages, only the once you want the people to see from the homepage.

But still, they would be able to see your other products without much effort this way.