[Multi Shops] Viewing Orders For A Shop Then Showing Products For The Order - Not Working


We have a setup with several multi-shops.

When we view the orders for a specific shop, we can see these orders.

We then click on select all orders

Then click on view products and this returns no result.

If we do this globally for all shops, it yields a results.

Screenshot of the selection - https://my247apps.tinytake.com/tt/NDY4MjcxNF8xNDgzMTUzMw

If we can see if someone else has a similar issue.

Our versions is the latest CS CART version.



As a side note, this used to work before the last update.

Second, no errors in console.

just a gentle bump, has anyone seen this issue?


Looks like something went wrong during upgrade. Please contact support team

Thanks for the response, is there a how-to on how to do a reinstall?

During upgrade you should receive e-mail with the restore instructions