Multi Shipment Template

[font=“Comic Sans MS”][color=“#800080”]Does anyone know where the text template is for when you make multi shipments to a customer ? A customer responded for the first time on one, and I got to see how it was worded. It needs some editing to make sense for my application.

I looked all over in admin and in languages…no luck[/color][/font] ;)

Probably in the skins//mail directory structure…

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Probably in the skins/<your_skin>/mail directory structure…


[color=“#800080”][font=“Comic Sans MS”]Thanks so much :) I found the correct template, and it has this in there:


but doing a search for any and all of the words, there doesn’t seem to be an existing languages file for it. What’s up with that ? [/font][/color] :blink:

[color=“#800080”][font=“Comic Sans MS”]Just found it. Can’t understand why it did not come up in a search[/font][/color] :blink: