Multi Page Checkout-Cart Page First


I think I saw this, but can’t find.

I want the customer to always go to the cart page first, when using multi page checkout.

In version 2.011, the autonotification box has check out and it bypasses the cart page.

How can this be done? Thanks,


Anyone with a solution to this?

I always want customer to go to the cart page first in order to modify options before heading for checkout.

I am leaning on removing the cart in the one page checkout due to confusion, so I want the first step to be the cart and not checkout. This would be for multi-page checkout and single page checkout.

What do I have to change to do this?



Hi Bob,

I am using 2.0.8 so it’s a bit different (without the notification box) but I wanted the same thing because the cart is the only place you can enter a coupon code during multi-page checkout.

I went into Traslation mode and went to each button to find the code behind them so that when a customer clicks any “Checkout” button, they are sent to the cart instead of the first checkout page. I found the code for the cart from the View cart button/link then just put that code in place of the checkout code that sent the customer to the checkout page. I can find the code I used if you want but I’m not sure of all the places you would have to change in 2.0.11.

Hope this helps!



Testing 2.0.8

Thanks Stephanie,

From all your other posts, seems like both of us have some of the same problems/concerns.


Sure seems that way, doesn’t it? I have a bit of a different setup than most online only stores in that I provide products to local customers (which are not shipped) as well as products to customers nationwide that are shipped. My local customers are the ones that have some of the more fancy requirements that I’ve found are a little bit of an issue with CS-Cart.