multi order for multi size

Good day,

im not programmer im cart admin so i will do my best to explane my request:


product: ring

sizes: 6 , 7 ,8

how can i let customers to order the below:

one ring size 7

two rings size 8

20 ring size 6

kind of multi order in order page !! for now they can order any quantity but same size !!

You will need to have them setup as “option combinations” with each having a separate SKU so that 1 of each can be added to the cart.

Hi, thanx for your reply,

I had added one option (size) and add 3 combinations (one for each size) and keep a different code for each size as well as different quantity,

but yet, users can only buy one size at a time, is there any way to let them buy different sizes?

(for example 3 from size X and 2 from size Y)at one time at the same order??

you can brows the item on this link below:

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