Multi-Language SEO and URL Structure

Hello, is our company website.

We recently split the site between french and english and have seen a horrible SEO Crash.

we have played with a couple of solutions but would like some in put from those with better experience then us.

So we are also updating to Verse 4, does it handle multiple languages better?

We have thrown out three options to our selves, if you have any ideas or light to shed on them that would be great.

Option 1.

A second Website


New Root website allowing for a french domain name


Cart Disconnect, products wont stay in basket

Viewing a Product then changing to French will revert you back to the Home Page.

Option 2.

Putting french as a sub directory in CS Cart of link here


Smooth Transition

Clear indicator to Google that it is a different language


Not currently a feature in CS cart and would require some kind of rework.

Option 3.

Show the Language in the URL




same issue as current, and just deal with it by working harder on SEO.