Multi-columns for category_menu.tpl subcategories

Hello all,

I’d like to modify a category_emenu.tpl to have a multi-columns subcategories if it has over certain child (3 is used in the example below).


cat 1 (mouse over open up subcat - normal behavior of emenu)

subcat1 (mouse over open up subsubcat - normal behavior of emenu)

subsubcat1 subsubcat4

subsubcat2 subsubcat5

subsubcat3 subsubcat6



cat 2

subcat1 subcat4

subcat2 subcat5

subcat3 subcat6

cat 3

subcat1 subcat4 subcat7

subcat2 subcat5 subcat8

subcat3 subcat6 subcat9

I am still learning cs-cart, so I am too sure how to do this, if anyone know, pls help me with this I am really appreciated.