Multi-Box Shipments

Is there a way to set up shipments to span multiple boxes? I have a customer who order about 200 2 lb items. When they tried to check out it said no cahipping options existed. In looking at it, it seems all the Real-Time shipping methods have wieght limits. The problem is this will actually go out in about 8 50 lb shipments not 1-400 lb shipment. Is there a way in CS-Cart to have it jump to a new box at a certain threshold?

There really isn’t a “great” solution for this, but you might want to check out this link:


The above link might help you even if it isn’t perfect.


This is a serious flaw within CS-Cart and needs to be addressed!

I added a feature request in the bugtracker which it would be helpful if others commented on so that CS-Cart can understand the need for this.


There are a couple of problems with the mod mentioned in the link which Brandon sent to you. First of all, yes, it will break shipments into multiple packages, however, there is no control over the weights of each carton. Secondly, when I tried this mod, the rates being returned to us were far higher than our actual FedEx contract price rates which actually caused more harm than good.

I am working on a mod with another fellow CS-Cart user where we can actually specify a maximum carton weight for realtime calculations. I will post back when I receive an answer. Like I said before, this would totally solve the issue whereas no rates are returned when a shipment weight exceeding 150 Lbs occurs! The way CS-Cart is now is fine if someone only ships out feathers in a priority mail flat rate envelope! (Sorry, just venting… :slight_smile: )

I realize that this is kind of an old thread but thought I would give some examples of the problem. Currently, CS-Cart assumes that the entire shipment goes into one box which can result in the following problems:

Scenario 1


Customer orders 2 items weighing 40 pounds each. CS-Cart assumes a single box at 80 lbs, cost to ship is $36.13 (there is an additional handling fee of $8 for the package exceeding 70 lbs). The cost to ship this in 2 boxes is $29.62 ($6.51 less even with the separate box). The customer thinks your shipping costs are too high - a sensitive issue especially for many who have bought on eBay - so they go order from your competitor.

Senario 2


Customer orders 4 units weighing 40 pounds each. When trying to checkout or to get a shipping estimate, the cart assumes the shipment weighs 160 lbs and the customer gets the dreaded “Unfortunately no shipping options are available for your location. Please contact us and we will see about delivering to you.” Since you could ship these items in individual boxes, your customer should have been presented with the $59.24 shipping charge. Instead of contacting you, he goes to your competitor’s site and checks out without all the hassle.

(And then there is the issue with lack of support for dimensional weight mentioned elsewhere in the forums.)

The existing shipping calculations are lacking for anyone who ships heavy items or multiple items that exceed the carrier limit. The poor shipping calculations encourage your customers to shop elsewhere and are probably responsible for a significant number of abandoned carts - in other words, they cost you sales.

If you want to see this addressed in the standard cart, vote for the following idea in the UserVoice area: