ms office hyperlink problem


i am having the following weird problem

i have cscart orders links as hyperlinks in an excel file. when i click on a link it opens the browser to my admin page but it does not show anything else. for some obscure reason it trims the parameters from the hyperlink (i.e the dispatch=orders.details&order_id=xxx)

any ideas?

Is the dispatch from index.php or admin.php?

If index.php, you will have to login as the user to view.

If admin.php and you're not already logged into cs-cart in your default browser, then it is probably re-directing you to the login page.

Why it's blank, who knows. My guess is it has something to do with the actual url you are passing.

thanks for the answer.

i link to admin and i am already logged in.

it does not give me a blank page, it only displays the main admin panel.

It is really weird.

when i am not logged in , it asks for password and then directs to the correct page

when i am logged in, it only directs to the main admin panel

it is very easy to replicate, just open a word document, paste an order details url and then click on it.

it will not open the order, it will only open the admin panel .

Re Directs straight to order details page for me, on 2.1.4 (after sign in of course)

But not on v3.03, only to order summary page


still does not work for me.

i wonder if it has to do with server settings …

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Re Directs straight to order details page for me, on 2.1.4 (after sign in of course)

But not on v3.03, only to order summary page

what version are you



When cs-cart gets a URL that it can't understand relative to the parameters being passed (mode and parameters), it will many times go to the home page for the area involved (admin/customer). This is controlled within each controller. This assumes that the actual controller was found, otherwise a 404 will be generated. So my guess is that it is having difficulty parsing the parameters it sees within the orders controller… But from what you post above, it all looks fine.

Go into controllers/admin/orders.php

Find a line that looks like elseif($mode == 'detais') and add a line below it of:

echo “


Then look at the output and ensure you have a proper order_id REQUEST parameter and that it is an actual order_id within your system.

If this all is “true” then I have no clue.

I managed to make it work using the shell function in vba. I call mozilla and I pass the url as a parameter and it works fine. I still cannot figure why it does not work as a direct hyperlink. I suspect it is an encoding issue. in any case problem solved. thanks to all for