Moving the description

Hi there can any one tell me how to move the product desription from the bottom of the product detail page next to the image.


You can try going to Admin/Settings/Appearance and you will see

Product detailed page layout

You can try changing some of these options. This may help.

If you all you is to move it from the bottom to the top of the list that you would do by logging into admin go to design/blocks/products and just move the description tab to your desired position in the tab section.

if you would like to place it anywhere you like on the page then the following needs to be done:

Open file …skins/(your_skin)/customer/blocks/product_templates/(open the template you will be using for your products)

add the following code {$product.full_description|default} to the place you would like product description to appear, you will then need to disable product description from appearing under tabs by opening …skins/(your_skin)/customer/blocks/product_tabs/description.tpl delete all text in that file.

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Open file …skins/(your_skin)/customer/blocks/product_templates/(open the template you will be using for your products)


Thanks for the post. Great tip.

In some cases when {$product.full_description|default} is too long, you can use also the short description {$product.short_description|unescape}. I had this one over the price tag in product detail page. Renders great, and still have the description tab for more info.



{assign var=“rating” value=“rating_$obj_id”}{$smarty.capture.$rating}

{assign var=“sku” value=“sku_$obj_id”}{$smarty.capture.$sku}


{assign var="old_price" value="old_price_`$obj_id`"}
{assign var="price" value="price_`$obj_id`"} ```