Moving The Boxes in CS Cart

Hi there,

I have searched the whole admin section but I think I missed something. Currently I am using 1.3.5 at

I want to move the testimonials box down at the left bottom of the page to the top right corner.

From where would I be able to configure this?


I believe you would need to change that directly in the smarty templates for that page. You will need to move the code around.

If you turn on smarty template debug in the Admin, and then login as the Administrator while viewing as a customer, you can see the smarty template structure. That should help figure out which .tpl file to change in your skins directory.

with the template editor (admin.php?target=template_editor) open main.tpl

find this code:

{if $settings.Addons.discussion == 'Y' && $content == ''}
{include file="addons/discussion/discussion_small.tpl" object_type="E" object_id="" title=$lang.discussion_title_home_page limit=$settings.Addons.discussion_opts.home_page_brief_number}

and move it to wherever you would like testimonials displayed…