Moving the additional images above the text

I like to have a lot of text on my descriptions but this then means that the additional images are to far from the original image since cs-cart places them below the text.

Can anyone give me pointers as to where I should be looking to change things so that the additional images appear before the text…


since you didnt mention version of skin using or cart version, I assume my answer will apply to most - for sure in 1.3.4 sp2 skin

in customer/product_pages/product_details.tpl right near the bottom of the file is this chunk of code:

{if $product.image_pairs}

{include file=“products_pages/additional_images.tpl” product=$product show_detailed_link=“Y”}


which brings in the additional images for your products - if you want to have it load before the description of the products then place that block before this line:


that should do it

good luck