Moving "recently viewed" items to centre content column

I feel my side columns are getting a bit cramped and would like to move the “recently viewed / newest products” entirely to the centre column, and below other content.

Does anyone know what would need to be edited / modified to achieve this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


copy and paste the code to where you want it to appear

I’d like it to work like the Ad settings where you can place Ads either in the left column (before or after content) or in the right column, or in the center before or after content.

I was hoping that simply adding {include file=“addons/newest/sidebox_newest.tpl” location=“C” show_order=“B”} would do the trick, but no joy.

Simply adding the HTML code to main.tpl in the sections that they are to load should work. {$include files=“file here”} is a perfectly valid statement but loose the location and show order if possible

Thanks for your help Jessee, I fear the solution is not as simple as I first thought.