Moving Product Tab Location

I'm glad it helped you

Hi Vali,

I have since upgraded my site to CS Cart Ultimate 4.0.1 and was wanting to use your “default_template_modified.tpl” but not having much luck. Do you know if this will work for 4.0.1 as Im struggling to even test if thats the case. Thanks.

Bart :mrgreen:

Hi Bart,

For 4.0.1 you can download from here and you copy to [color=#ff0000]design/themes/[SKIN_NAME]/templates/blocks/product_templates/[/color]

[ TW: CS-Cart: version 4.0.1 ULTIMATE ]


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Hi Valentin,

Awesome! Thanks again for all your help. Works perfect.

Bart :mrgreen:

You are welcome.

The link goes to page not found now.

Sorry for the inconvenience, download link have been activated, you can also download from here


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No inconvience at all.

Your help in these forums is greatly appreciated .

Your knowledge is excellent with cscart.

Thank you for the link

I used the modified template and for some reason the add to cart button does not show up.

Other then that it's perfect

I should add I am using subscription (recurring ) on my producy template. Can’t figure out why the add to cart isn’t there :(

Anyone have any idea why the add to cart button isn't showing up ? I tired it without subscription and still isn't showing up. In my firebug code the button-containers code is light meaning it's hidden or not visible.