Moving links

Could someone explain to me how I would go about doing the following.

Moving the Cart contents button/checkout and the language and currency links to be within my nav bar.

I have included an image…

Thank you


You need to edit top.tpl in your active skin under customer folder.

There you will find the peaches that can be transferred in the top-menu.tpl which is also in the same folder.

So if you read the code you wil see that is divided in smaller divs which they keep those things you want to move.

Copy them over as divs not only the content. Then go to style.css and edit those div classes in order to be the right size and floating.

Don't forget to make some space in the top menu as the ul that conteins the menu uses 100% of the div.



I was able to move things around but I’m honestly not verse enough in css to know exactly how or where to put the info within the css… :( As of even now with what I have done in the top.tpl…I think I got that by accident…and that took me like 2 hours…haa

Could I possibly post my content from these files and have them dissected? at this point I’m willing to pay someone to make the few changes I need…


Contact me via pm to find a solution.